Automatic Assignment of New "Confidentiality" TISAX Labels

As we announced in our last newsletter, together with the implementation of ISA version 6 , some changes were also made to the TISAX assessment objectives and the corresponding TISAX labels. This affects the existing "Info High" and "Info Very High" labels. The changes for these "Info" labels follow the path already described in the article TISAX labels available."

New labels for availability in TISAX have been published since 2023. The "Info" labels have been split into "Info High" and "Info Very High". With the publication of the ISA 6 catalogue, the division of the "Confidential" and "Strictly Confidential" labels now comes into force as a logical addition to the existing "Availability" labels.

We have already automatically assigned "Confidential" labels to everyone that currently holds a valid TISAX "Info High" label. Additionally, we have automatically assigned the "Strictly Confidential" label to anyone currently having a valid "Info Very High" label.

New labels will become mandatory for all new TISAX assessments ordered after April 1st 2024. Existing TISAX labels will retain their full validity. If you have already registered a scope using the old labels but not yet ordered the assessment, the audit provider will replace any "Info High" or "Info Very High" Assessment Objectives with the corresponding new TISAX Assessment Objectives after coordinating with you.